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One of the factors that constantly is used to evaluate how ‘good’ a person is at betting on sports is the win rate. But what sort of win rate is actually good and how does it compare against the other yardsticks that could be used to measure sports betting?

What is Win Rate?

In a very basic sense, win rate is the percentage of correct predictions that are made about the winning team. Or in other words, it is the amount of bets that you make and ‘win’ on. For example, if you were to bet on 10 games and out of them 5 of the teams that you bet on managed to win – that would mean a 50% win rate.

Needless to say anything above a 50% win rate is normally considered decent, with anything ranging from 60% to 70% being considered good. Unfortunately, win rate and profit are two entirely different things entirely!

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How Does Win Rate Relate to Profit

Imagine if the 10 games that you bet on in the previous example all had odds of 10:1 which means that one team is a particular favorite and you need to bet $10 to win $1. Assuming you bet on the favorites in all 10 games, then you’d have bet a total of $100 and only stood to win $10 in total.

Assuming your win rate was 50%, you would have won $5, and lost $50 – meaning that overall you’d have ended up losing $45.

Frankly speaking, this is why measuring win rate is not exactly a good way to determine how well you’re doing at sports betting whether on Unibet or any other website. It is much better if you measure your profit or loss, and treat it solely as a financial investment.