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Paul was the type of guy who was good at everything he did. He was athletic, smart, funny, and a real perfectionist. There was only one thing Paul was not good at, and that was playing blackjack. No matter how hard he tried, no matter how much card counting he did, he could not figure out the secrets to playing black jack.

Paul’s search for the true secrets to playing blackjack

Paul became ambitious in trying to figure out the secrets to playing blackjack. He decided to do some research. Every time he entered the key words “secrets to playing blackjack” into different search engines many hits appeared on the screen. The problem with them all is that everyone promised to give the secrets to playing blackjack for a small fee. After much consideration Paul decided it was worth a small fee for the secrets to playing blackjack, if it would actually help. Paul put in the order and waited for his “Mr. Jones’s Secrets to Playing Blackjack” book to arrive via mail. Five business days later the answer to Paul’s perfection arrived, or so he thought.

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Paul read the book from cover to cover taking notes along the way. As he was reading he really felt like he knew everything the book was already saying. Then Paul read the last line of the book. “The real secrets to playing blackjack are hit at 15 and stop at 16, beyond that it is a game of luck.” That was it? Paul felt cheated. He had been suckered into buying this book just so he could achieve ultimate perfection. What Paul did not realize is that blackjack is a gamble by definition, not a math equation, and that is the whole fun of the game.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is one of the only casino games where your choices as a player can affect the outcome of the game. In other words, to a certain extent, when you play blackjack online you have control of what goes on in the game. Make sure you know all there is to know about blackjack strategy.

Traditional Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

The age old most effective strategy of winning at Blackjack is to count the cards. If you know the game you are playing is only with one deck of cards then it is fairly simple to count cards and have the knowledge of what has come before to help you choose your move. With this knowledge you are able to predict, to a certain extent what the next cards could be and this will help you in your decision of whether to hit or stand at each hand. If for example you know that all of the high numbered cards have already been used and you are at 15, then you can be fairly confident that another Hit will not make you bust. On the other hand if all of the lower numbered cards have been used, it is more likely you will get a higher number card and therefore you have less chance of winning and more chance of going bust. However, to be good at card counting, you have to practice your card counting skills a lot. Card counting is not an effective blackjack strategy for online blackjack.