Best Baccarat Systems and Strategies

Winning at Baccarat requires knowledge of a few simple secrets, and a good Baccarat strategy will go a long way at the table. The Casino Bonus guide to Baccarat strategies provides a straightforward approach to winning at Baccarat. Read the below list of Baccarat systems, secrets and tactics to exponentially increase your game knowledge and win ratio.


Baccarat Strategy No. 1 – Crunch the Numbers

The very first step in developing a solid Baccarat strategy is recognizing that you cannot alter the math behind the cards. Even if you use what you think is the best of Baccarat systems, you cannot changeBaccarat odds.

This immutable fact places Baccarat in a category of on land and online casino games wherein lady luck, versus player decisions, determines whether you win or lose.

Baccarat Strategy No. 2 – Be the Banker

The best casino and online Baccarat strategy focuses on making the best possible decisions where there are actually decisions to be made. The only time this opportunity arises is when you are selecting the betting position on which to wager. You may choose among banker, player and tie.

Tie carries an average house edge of 14%, while player and banker positions have house edges of 1.24% and 1.06%, respectively. Thus, the most mathematically savvy bets are those placed on the banker.

In terms of Baccarat payouts, betting on the banker is again the savviest bet. While it is true that tie bets pay out well-typically 9 to 1-their statistical odds of hitting are rare. The likelihood that a bettor will blow his bankroll waiting for the tie to strike is high.

Conversely, a winning banker bet is much more common than even a winning player bet.1.06% more common, to be exact.

Baccarat Strategy No. 3 – Play Free Baccarat Games

One way to ensure that your strategy doesn’t escape you in the heat of the moment is to practice. There are free games available nearly everywhere these days, including here at

Playing free online casino Baccarat games allows you to familiarize yourself with casino software, test your game knowledge and hone your decision-making skills without risking your bankroll.

Baccarat Strategy No. 4 – Fewer Decks Equal Better Odds

Finding a table with the best odds is key. A good strategy is most effective at a table that has fewer than six decks in play. The reason is simple: fewer decks mean fewer cards and fewer cards means a more controlled playing environment.

You won’t find these perfect tables in a brick and mortar casino, but you may find them among online casino games. Web gaming is a competitive industry, so casinos often vie for players by offering Baccarat tables with more player-friendly odds. Improving your online Baccarat strategy can be as simple as finding the best table.

Baccarat Strategy No. 5 – Don’t Believe the Pattern-Tracking Hype

The casino Baccarat strategies you’ll use in brick and mortar locales are slightly different than the online Baccarat strategy you’ll employ when playing internet games.

Traditional casinos like to leave pens and paper out for their players to track the outcomes of each deal. Some people claim that tracking the results is one of the most profitable Baccarat strategies.

However, this technique is mathematically flawed and wildly inaccurate. Baccarat is a game of chance. Additionally, game cards are shuffled after every deal, thus eliminating the benefit of tracking patterns.

Baccarat Strategy No. 6 – Follow the Leader

Instead of writing down each hand, take a few moments to observe your fellow players. Check out what the seasoned vets are doing and follow their lead.

Baccarat Strategy No. 7 – Be a Bargain Hunter

This strategy is simple (and right up our alley!). If you don’t have much money with which to start playing, seek out a casino that offers a good no-deposit bonus. Most gambling websites attract players with generous Welcome Bonus packages that help you on your way towards building a bankroll.

Just be sure to read the fine print. Some casinos require that you wager as much as 40 times your initial bonus amount before you can cash out.

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